I have had a love of art and photography since I was little, always taking art classes in school and then majoring in Visual Arts in college. After college I worked at the Press Enterprise in Bloomsburg, PA, as a graphic designer, for the advertising department designing print advertisements. During this time I also worked with a local Automotive magazine called Sunday Driver Magazine (dedicated to local car enthusiasts and car show coverage) covering car shows, photography, layout assistance and distribution. While at the Press Enterprise I met my Wife, who worked in the pre-press department. She has a background in Journalism and creative writing. Then I took a job at The Sun News (Knight Ridder) in Myrtle Beach, SC, also as a graphic designer for the advertising department. While in Myrtle Beach my wife was the Managing Editor for Alternatives Magazine and Coast Magazine and I did freelance photography for them. After being at The Sun News for 2 years, I transferred to The Centre Daily Times (Knight Ridder) in State College, PA. There I took the position of Production Supervisor. I supervised the Graphic Design, Pre-Press and Commercial Print departments as well as still continuing my graphic design for the advertising and commercial print departments. Currently Iím employed by Geisinger Health System in Danville, PA, in their Digital Print and Mail Center department, where I operate the Pre-press department as well as create, layout and manage various graphic design projects for the Geisinger Health System and Geisinger Health Plan

AAAHGraphics was created in 1991, while I was in college, as the working name I would do freelance design and photography under. Over the years Iíve worked with local business, clubs, organizations and governments to create logos, business cards, fliers, poster, brochures, corporate ID packages, PR/Marketing materials, CD cover art and layouts, clip art, newsletters, web banners, websites, Facebook Pages, original art, photo touch-up and correction, calendars, advertising, t-shirt designs and numerous other projects.

Most recently Iíve been working on several ongoing projects with local community organizations, clubs and businesses - including the Berwick Railfan Photo Gallery (website, Facebook page, photography and PR material), Wheelchair Engineers Model Railroad Program website (Facebook Page PR material), LooseTies Model Railroad Club (logo design, brochure and Facebook Page), Danville Arts Council (logo design), Berwick Riverfest (logo design, Facebook page and PR material) and Special Project Associates/Bomboy Books (website, art and PR material). Recently I worked with the Daily item newspaper in Sunbury, PA on two publiations. One is a history of the North Shore Railroad Company and the other is my first book, Susquehanna River Valley Railroads. I'm also currently working on my second book which is about the Carroll Park and western Railroad, as well as continuing to produce my own fine art photography.

Andrew Hoke
AAAHGraphics Design and Photography

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