It’s a Wonderful World!

The perky little steam engine puffing around the tracks brings smiles of delight to the children whose faces make a continuous line along the model-railroad layout. Their eyes widen amazingly as its whistle blows a long low moan.

We see that again and again at our free Wheelchair Engineers and Saturday Trains programs, and we remember that, long ago, we were once these same children, watching our own steam engines, our own milk cars and log loaders, and the tiny watchman dashing out of his trackside shanty with his lantern swinging.

We know the joy of trains, wonderful trains, as our fathers and grandfathers knew it before us. We sanded, painted, screwed down tracks, designed and molded mountains, blew the whistles, rang the bells. We laid out roads, made our villages, painted our blue streams through woods and forests we had planted.

And even now we remember when our fathers – working miners – brought home empty dynamite boxes, created platforms from them, and made the railroads on which our trains would run.

We remember the day the Railway Express man brought the big box to our door and we found our dreams inside.

We remember our fathers, just back from the war, bringing home an engine and a shiny red caboose.

We remember Christmas morning and the snow, Santa Claus and our trains.
It was wonderful – and it still is!
Do you remember? We invite you to.

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